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Make your living room a nice place to see, learn how to organize it

The living room is a room dedicated to receiving visitors, reading, watching television or other activities.

In modern homes and apartments the living room has replaced the old living room. The term marks the effort of the architects and builders of the 20th century to take the living room out of its formal connotations and turn it into a comfortable room as well as a cozy one. The living room now concentrates family activity as it is a large space that brings together comforts and/or a stereo, shelves, as well as other furniture.

A living room in the UK would traditionally have an open fireplace, although many have now converted to gas heating in more recent years.

In many homes, the living room is reserved for quieter, quieter entertainment while a separate entertainment room or family room is used for more casual activities.

In some homes, the living room is in the social area, usually next to the dining room, and is reserved for special occasions and visits.

The furniture of the room usually consists of a sofa, armchairs or armchairs and a coffee table where decorative objects (ornaments) are placed for purely aesthetic purposes. It is also very common to place paintings in order to give it life.

7 spectacular room styles for your home


The design of the living room is very important in any home, create or add pieces that combine with each other, optimize the space to make this place more pleasant for the inhabitants and also for the visitors achieving a comfortable, versatile and above all very functional space.

In this way you can recreate each space in your home as time goes by, looking for and placing the best furniture, in different sizes, colors and tastes.

Write down these 7 ingenious ideas to design and create your dream living room.

A comfortable and useful L-shaped piece of furniture

When we look for furniture for our home we must observe and measure the area, this time as we enjoy a medium space we chose a modular furniture in an “L” shape that fits perfectly in this room leaving space for other accessories that decorate this space.

A beautiful and very rustic living room.

For the rustic lover this living room is full of incredible tips. Decorative details and accessories are incredibly important to define your style. In this opportunity for a rustic style use the wood for a central table between leather furniture in an earth color that reminds you of the countryside. Some of the materials used to create this style are wood, iron, copper, ceramics and others.

Two spaces in one


To create two spaces in one, it is not necessary to make a wall or a frame to divide the room. You can make them look good together by applying the same style and colors to make it harmonious, an L-shaped furniture and a small glass table will be an excellent option in furniture for the room, also a furniture with divisions for a multipurpose space where you can keep your favorite books, watch TV and even work on your computer.

Classic will always be elegant

A very good choice is the classic style, in this occasion we can imagine to be in this room and to enjoy seated in these comfortable furniture and also of the chimney happening a time of total relaxation.

The use of shelves and shelves are a good option to maintain order and aesthetics in your living room, that’s why we recommend you also read Modern shelves for the living room

An outdoor space

If our style is more tropical this picture will be your favorite. We always say that L-shaped furniture is ideal for any part of your home no matter the space. In this case light colors that give warmth and combine perfectly with other furniture. The wood is always present and we can see it in this photograph being protagonist in walls, ceiling and table letting look pure and clean in front of that divine swimming pool.

Cold and neutral colors for an elegant look

When we hear the term Cool Colors you might think that this would make your space look depressing and a little sad, but the truth is that if you combine it with the right decorative elements, you can benefit from the gray and opaque tones that this color palette has.

The touch of wood and glass help to set this space in a classy way, not to mention the 5 focal lights on top of the wall to provide a different and unique brightness to the space.

Sofas in natural tones

In any house the living room is very important and we always look for a sofa that stands out since it is the furniture where we will sit our visitor. To have a warm style is important to choose a sofa that has a natural color, such as brown, cream, gray and earth tones. No matter the material, the key is to select a natural elegant color.

This beautiful work is made by the professionals in decoration and design of ARCHDESIGN STUDIO

5 practical recommendations for renovating your living room


Know the trends in furniture and accessories that can add comfort to that space with a simple and contemporary style.

One of the most important spaces in your home is the living room, because in addition to being destined to the enjoyment of moments of relaxation, it is the ideal place to share valuable time with your visitors. That’s why September is the perfect month to start your renovation project and have it ready by the end of the year, a time that encourages meetings between friends and loved ones.

Before getting down to business, it’s essential that you consider some basics to successfully choose the furniture and accessories that will make your living space comfortable and contemporary. Jenny Melcer, visual merchandiser for BoConcept, a Danish multi-functional furniture chain with a presence in Mexico, details five factors

1. Start by asking yourself who uses the area, is it a family space, are there pets in the house, what are the measurements? It is essential that before selecting the type of furniture for your living room you have clearly defined the characteristics it must have and, based on that information, choose the elements you require. The selection should always respond to the function of the space and not only focus on design or price.

2. Simple and linear design is the most sought after today. The Danish Hygge concept perfectly describes the search for comfort and happiness that spaces should convey through simplicity. In line with this definition, it is best to choose furniture for your living room made of natural materials such as cotton, wool and leather.

3. Look for a supplier that offers the option to customize the furniture and a comprehensive service of interior design. These are key factors to make a smart investment since you are allocating important economic resources to remodel your living room and buy furniture that you will be using daily. By customizing them you can be sure that they will meet all your needs.

4. As for accessories, choose more textures than engravings or prints. Playing with the combination of different materials and colors will help you find that comfort and style you are looking for in your living room. The trends point to earthy tones, lots of brown, beige and dark greens in combination with mainly golden materials.

The trends point to dark tones in combination with mainly golden materials.

5. Always choose accessories made of resistant materials, easy to care for and clean; remember that these are used to give color and warmth to the space. Do not forget that light is vital, so you should include lamps among the accessories.

Now, are you ready to give a new face to your living room?

It is worth noting that recently, BoConcept opened four stores located in South Korea, Taiwan, Germany and Mexico, the latter in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, with a presence in 65 countries with over 300 points of sale, and that its expansion plan for the coming years includes the opening of more than 600 brand stores.

How to Choose the Furniture for your Living Room


Whether you live with your family or alone, the living room is a very important space. It is the room where your family and visitors spend pleasant moments.

For your living room to function according to your needs, it’s very important that you choose furniture that truly provides a cozy and pleasant appearance, and at the same time, resists the damage and wear and tear of everyday life.


To take the measurements you need a tape measure, a normal meter or a folding meter to measure the width and length of your room. You should also measure any wall niche or other recessed spaces.


You can use a grid paper but you can also make the sketch on printing paper or a notebook sheet. You must determine how much space you can leave for the furniture and make a sketch of some of the different ways the furniture can be placed. Remember, you have to leave at least one meter of space between the furniture, so you can combine without tripping.


To avoid mishaps when the furniture is delivered, it is essential that you measure the width of the doors. Never buy furniture that you can’t fit in your home.


Once you have determined the space you need to leave for the furniture and where you need to place it, you proceed to mark the positions on the floor so that you have a better visual aid. Place newspaper sheets or use adhesive tape.


If your living room is going to be a space where your family spends comfortable moments daily, you have to place strong furniture that is made of a material that resists stains, especially if you have small children. But, if your living room is only going to be used to entertain occasional guests, I recommend choosing more fragile pieces made of delicate fabrics.



Some rooms have integrated elements that will help you determine the type of furniture that is best suited to your room. For example, if your living room has a nice rustic fireplace, a decoration such as a cabin will be the best option instead of totally modern furniture. Totally modern furniture is perfect for a living room in an apartment with a view of the city.


Most rooms have an armchair, a sofa, a side table and a coffee table. So, you should first look for these elements before adding additional pieces such as ottomans or more tables.


I recommend that you look for furniture that is sturdy with a strong wooden frame and steel springs. Be aware that good quality furniture is more expensive, but it usually resists and lasts longer.


The luxurious and high quality materials will make you feel more relaxed and comfortable. They even last longer than cheap materials. A resistant material is fundamental for the decoration of rooms, since these spaces are the most used for meetings with family or friends.

How to choose the ideal furniture for your room

If there’s one place in the house where there’s a lot of family activity, it’s the living room. Regardless of its size, it is ideal that it is comfortable, convenient and decorated in the best style, to make a good impression, not only on visitors but also on those who use it on a daily basis.

The most outstanding and essential element in a room is the furniture or sofa. There are different sizes, colors and materials, choosing the right one involves several aspects, ranging from how attractive it can be, to the space you have for its location.

The sofa will make up 70% of your living room, so to make a good choice, you should look at the following aspects:

Measurements of the room


It is fundamental that you know how much space you have to define what type of furniture you can add to your room, so that harmony is maintained in the environment. Also, keep in mind the number of people who usually use the sofa.

The ideal color for your furniture

Once you have made progress in choosing the right size for your sofa, you will need to concentrate on choosing the color range. The shade you choose should give your room the elegant and cozy style you want.

Light colors such as white, sand or beige, are a trend in decoration. Polyurethane finishes are also very fashionable because of the light they provide.

If you want to have a room with stronger colors and even neons, you should take a neutral base and mix it with strong colors that provide personality points. That is, you should not select all the furniture with intense colors.

Another factor to take into account is the upholstery. It is convenient that the fabric you choose is resistant, in this sense the most suitable upholstery is leather, cotton, chenille, among others.

Now that you have several elements to choose from for your furniture, we invite you to visit us. In Mueblería Serrano you will find the perfect accompaniment for you to choose the sofa of your dreams. In addition, you can customize it and define the measures that suit your needs.


Decorating the room is one of the most fun moments for any designer, and of course for any homeowner. The room is the epicenter of any home, because it is the meeting point for everyone and it is also usually the center of attention.

For that reason, and many others is that it is so important to put care to the decoration and style that we place to this part of the house.

It is essential to have a consistent style, that is, if throughout your home everything has been vintage, the logic of the living room is to keep it the same, likewise, what is decisive for the decoration is the living room furniture.

Although it is true that painting is important, and the decorations you can hang on the walls, there is nothing that sets the tone in decoration more than living room furniture.

They are the ones that will help you have sequence in the style you have selected and understand that you must maintain the same line of decoration.

There are many styles and trends in how to decorate a living room, but for this article we want to focus on modern living room furniture.

Modernity First and foremost

Modern living room furniture is ideal for the coming 2019, because at the beginning of a new year it is best to give way to modernity and new things, so modern living room furniture is the best option.

Here we’ll show you the best options and recommendations for you to choose from, especially so you have the options you need to decorate the different types of rooms, according to your case.

The room as a protagonist

The decoration of rooms has an extraordinary effect especially in our leisure time, so it is important to keep in mind that it should be a decoration tailored to our tastes and needs, when decorating a room or lounge, should consider all factors that will modify the design until you end up finding the one that is more practical and similar to us.

In general, room decoration is intended to be based solely on comfort, but this is precisely where living room furniture makes its appearance and can turn a functional space into something luxurious.

In the decoration of rooms, the sofas, the chairs, the closet of the tv and the small tables obtain that the atmosphere seems relaxed and ideal to spend a good time after the work or after the dinner, before going to bed. And that’s why the options you choose as modern living room furniture should be appropriate to your lifestyle.

Be Practical and Stylish

Try to make the most of the space with furniture that can be used for various activities. For example, a sectional sofa can be used to watch TV and to create a small reading corner. Or a futon will also work if you need the living room to be a guest room.

Shelves can be used to store records and toy boxes, or a rack for the television and a bar.

You can choose benches that open and have storage space or folding tables that extend when children need to do their homework or play.

Extra Tip

Keep in mind that the living room is a very used and busy space. This is where you work, eat, sleep, etc. Besides, if you have children, they’ll probably spend a lot of time there too, and we all know that although children are adorable, they’re also quite mischievous and often not very careful.

For the same reason, and so that you don’t have to constantly change the furniture or upholstery, choose materials that are easy to clean, such as washable fabrics or polypropylene chairs.

So that everything combines

To make sure everything matches, it’s best to opt for a neutral base, and when we refer to the base of your living room, what we mean is: the paint on the walls and the larger furniture, such as the sofa, carpet or a large shelf.

In this case the ideal is that you opt for neutral tones such as beige or gray, since they are super easy to combine, are timeless and work very well with any style of decoration.

The best part about living room furniture, especially modern ones, is that there is so much variety and many styles, that you can give yourself the freedom to choose which one best suits your needs.

It’s not about making this a stressful process, but rather practical and functional, which is also fun.

These are the 7 accessories that can NEVER be missing in your living room


Whether you’re designing from scratch or redesigning your living room, what would be the must-haves on your list?

After choosing your furniture, here are the 7 must-have accessories for your living room – take note!

1. Plants

Plants are a vibrant and natural decoration that every room should include. Plants are so versatile that they look impressive in any type of decoration or style; you just have to choose the right plant.

2. A comfortable carpet

A comfortable carpet, that feels comfortable under your feet, makes any living room look and feel comfortable and cozy. To achieve this effect, don’t just look at the color and design pattern, but especially at the texture.

3. Something personal

For a living room to look and feel homey, you need to include something personal, like some family photos or favorite paintings, for example.

Without these small details the room would feel cold and less welcoming, like something out of a catalog or a decorating magazine.

4. A coffee table

Even if the coffee table is a secondary element in the living room and other more important pieces have priority, it is also the detail that brings cohesion to the other pieces and makes the room seem more complete.

5. Eye-catching curtains

Eye-catching curtains give character to the room and are a wonderful way to add color and eye-catching designs to this space.

Choose eye-catching curtains to give your room its vibrant touch; if they are too simple they will disappear into the background.

6. One tray

It is amazing how a small thing like a tray can become so useful and a wonderful addition to the living room.

You can use it to keep things tidy on the coffee table, like the TV remote control, your favorite magazines, etc.

7. Pillows

There should always be cushions in the living room. Even if the sofa is very comfortable, cushions can provide some additional support for the back, or simply add a touch of color and texture to the room’s design.

What accessories do you think a room should have?

How to decorate a room with only $20

Sounds like utopia, doesn’t it? However, you will be surprised to discover what a tight budget and a lot of imagination can do for home decoration. And you will be even more surprised to discover all the almost free treasures and super economic opportunities that you can find in the market, with which you can decorate a room with only 20 dollars, or even less. Take a look at some of these ideas and you will see that it is possible.

A new painting

Giving a good hand of color is the best way to completely renovate your room. And, although depending on the size of the room, the $20 probably won’t be much more than you can afford after buying the necessary paint, with this simple idea you will have a totally remodeled and impeccable room.

But if you want to know some tricks to paint the room in an economic way, it is advisable that you choose a tone of paint a little stronger than you really want, so you can dilute the paint to the maximum without danger of the color fading too much and getting the best performance of the product.

Remodeling of furniture

Renewing the furniture and giving it an innovative touch is the easiest and most economical way to decorate the room on a budget. Simply, with a few pieces of sandpaper and a little varnish you can give a new image to all your furniture. First, you can gently sand down an entire piece of furniture, which will be providing a newly purchased effect and in a much lighter shade than the original, which can be completed with a coat of varnish to give it that bright and shiny look typical of this product, or apply it directly to the furniture without sanding.

Papering with newspapers

In this case it is an idea only for the brave and avant-garde, but you can not fail to consider, because it will allow you to decorate your entire room at virtually no cost. How is this possible? Very easy, don’t you keep a pile of old newspapers in your attic? Well, the time has come to recycle them and paper the whole room with them, giving it a super modern and original look that will undoubtedly provoke comments from all your visitors. And the best thing is that with this idea you will only have to spend a few dollars on wallpaper glue, and nothing else.

Create your own objects to decorate a room

And this opens up a whole world of possibilities, because there are thousands of ideas you can implement to obtain new furniture or decorative objects from recycling old things, from the practice of do-it-yourself or handicrafts.

Remember that in many occasions a simple decoration is enough to give personality to a room, so you should not worry about becoming a craft workshop, because with two or three ideas that you put in place will be enough to give a twist to the decoration of the room, spending only on the essential materials.

Some ideas? Well, you can try to decorate a room with plates by placing a simple frame to some pieces of slabs that you have left over; you can also be inspired by some ideas to decorate the room with photos; make your own paper lamps and homemade shelves, or simply practice any of our ideas for do-it-yourself and handicrafts.

I almost forgot! You can’t stop visiting the flea markets and garage sales, because in these places you can get beautiful ornaments and accessories to decorate your living room at a very low price, and you can even find real relics that in many cases are worth much more than what they can charge you at any flea market.

Put into practice these ideas to decorate a room and you will see how you can renew the house with little money. It’s all a matter of imagination, haggling and a lot of work.

The moment comes when we feel like changing the decoration of our house and we are not sure what changes we want to make. We are overwhelmed by the idea of choosing between the variety of decorative elements, colors, styles, sizes and prices. The first thing is that it will depend on the personality with which you identify and the atmosphere you want to convey with the decoration of your home. Buying pictures is a good choice if you want to renew the decoration of your home, since decorating with pictures the different spaces of your home can transform them completely.

According to experts in interior decoration, one of the best ways to give new life to the walls of your home is to hang original decorative pictures. But it is not as easy as it seems to achieve a composition that generates harmony, elegance and a defined style. You have the task of thinking of the painting that best combines with your walls and your furniture and above all with your personality. We suggest you read our post about the BEST INTERIORISTS IN SPAIN to get an idea of how the experts do it.

At the same time you have to choose the best option to find these paintings for your home. Our intention in this post is to share useful tips based on the aspects that we understand are important for you to make the best decision in case you are thinking of buying paintings to redecorate your space. We’ll tell you about it below:

Where to buy paintings for your home?


It is possible that this is one of the first questions that you ask yourself when you decide to buy paintings, I advance you that there is a great range of possibilities where you can find it. In the art market there are 4 main agents: art fairs, auctions, art galleries and online art platforms; everything will depend on the money and time you are willing to invest. There are many factors that can affect the prices vary from one to another. For example, in traditional art galleries they usually charge a high percentage of commission, which means that the work may have a higher price.

Each of the agents in the art market have made important contributions, but on this occasion I would like to highlight the online art platforms, which have come to energize a market that has been stagnant for a long time. They have put their grain of sand, creating a transparent pricing system and democratizing art making it possible for anyone to enjoy and delight in a work of art without the need to pay a large sum of money.

In an art gallery you select the work and in a couple of days it will be ready. If you choose to buy the painting in an online art gallery, generally, you must register in the page to select the work of your interest. The payment system is very secure on these platforms, and some of them give you a deadline to return the work if you want to make a refund. Check the conditions of shipping and the painting, usually it will arrive home in one or two weeks. We recommend that before choosing the place where you are going to buy the painting, you take a look at the users’ recommendations in google.

Do you prefer to buy paintings or rent a work?

If you are a person with a restless spirit and need to be in constant change, renting a work of art is the perfect option for you. Renting a painting gives you the opportunity to change your decoration by seasons, by themes and in special occasions. Did you know that there are art galleries that give you that possibility at very accessible prices? In Saisho you can rent a work of art for as long as you want, and there are many advantages, first you will save money, you will have an exclusive work at home and you will be able to renew your decoration as many times as you want.

Points to consider when buying paintings to decorate your home

Search for information about the work and its artist

Before buying a painting it is important that you inform yourself of the prices and above all how they evolve, although in principle the purpose is to decorate your home with original paintings and at a good price, it is possible that in the future you can earn money with the work. When you are going to buy paintings or more specifically a work of art, it is convenient that you inform yourself about the artist’s career. Investigate his artistic formation, if he has attended fairs, exhibitions, and if he has been recognized with prizes. Also look for information about the artistic style he works with, his technique and the materials he uses.

Connection with the work

As we said in the previous section, you can ask an art expert or an interior decorator, but more than their criteria to take the next step, it is essential that the work of art pleases you, inspires you and makes you fall in love. The moment you see it you must have a special connection, until you imagine how it would look in your living room or bedroom. Therefore, the artwork you take home with you must awaken your emotions and move your feelings.

Find an art advisor

You can ask an expert for recommendations on how and where to buy paintings or look for an art advisor to help you decide which work is the best according to the objective you have: decoration, investment or collection. In Saisho there is an art team that can advise you on the purchase of the work completely free of charge and without any commitment on your part. But, what evaluation criteria should be taken as a reference to assess a work? The art department of Saisho takes as references several concepts with great technical rigor that evaluates the aptitudes, the context, aesthetics or style, apart from all its trajectory among other things.

Before buying a painting go to an exhibition

On the Internet you can find many artistic events that will help you understand art better and raise awareness, hopefully you can even discover an exhibition of emerging artists of great projection that will attract your attention. Attending an exhibition is a way to get closer to the work and learn more about it. In most cases the work is explained by the artist himself. You are more likely to connect with it.

Think that your work can be revalued

Although at the moment you are only interested in renewing the decoration of your home, think that there is a possibility that over time your painting can be revalued. In the Saisho art platform you can resell your work and earn profit. The art startup has created a transparent pricing system in real time that allows you to see how prices evolve and which are the most profitable artists. In the meantime you will have the opportunity to enjoy an exclusive and quality work at home.

Collage, diptych or triptych?

Keep in mind that you have many alternatives to choose from and play with the design of your decoration, it’s not just about putting the classic painting on top of the sofa or at the head of your bed. You can also hang a collage, artistic photographs and even several if you want to give an original touch and personality to your space.

You can also opt for a large diptych or triptych if you want to cause a sense of order and formality, as long as these are integrated harmoniously with the rest of your decoration. Do you identify with these tips? If the answer is yes, I invite you to continue reading the next points where we will offer you more tips related to the design of your decoration and things to consider before buying the painting that will embellish your space.
buy paintings

Define your preferred style and tone

From a more classic style to a modern style, there are many options you could choose from. If you are not sure which style is closer to your preferences, take a look at the post 12 spectacular styles to decorate your home.

Once you have chosen the style, you must ask yourself: what tones would you prefer? As we know it is a very important aspect since colors have their meaning. For example, if you want to achieve an elegant, sober and modern decoration; black and white are the perfect candidates. On the other hand, if you want to transmit energy, strength and dynamism, bright colors will be your allies.

Test the painting at home

We recommend that you try out the work at home and place it in different places to get an idea if the size fits the space you have available, for example if your ceiling is taller, it is convenient to hang a large painting. You will also be able to see how it integrates with the other elements of your decoration.
To test the painting at home, we suggest you use some tool to measure the space so you don’t make holes in the wall. If necessary, ask a friend for help and you can even take several pictures of her in different spaces.

Usually, online art galleries give you the option to test the works for a period of time and then return them in case it is not the painting that fits the needs of your space. Ask how many days you have to return the artwork, so that you do not exceed the time and are no longer able to return it.

If the above alternatives do not convince you, you can try the work at home. Thanks to the technology of augmented reality it is possible to see how it will look from the comfort of your home.

It is not necessary that you have a lot of money
One of the most important things that we undoubtedly take into account when buying a painting is the price, if it is your case, you can rest assured that in the art market there is a great infinity of alternatives and variety of prices. It is only a matter of investigating a little and you will find works that can go from 50 euros to 500 euros. If your budget is limited we recommend you look at the Saisho website and filter by price or read the post 10 works of art that you can get for less than 500 euros in the Saisho magazine.

Does it combine framing with walls?

Maybe for many people framing is not that important, but it is actually a key factor since you have to take into account the design of the furniture in your house and of course the sofa. Frames can vary in size, texture and color. A very heavy frame on a dark tone wall will take all the attention away from the work. These small details are what will make you get the most out of your decoration.

The choice of the frame will depend on factors such as the color of the painting and the type of frame. The most important thing is that you are comfortable with your choice and you can even choose to dispense with the frame if your intention is that the canvas is the great focus of attention.
To give you an idea, there is the type of frame with flat molding; these are the simplest and most discreet. There are also the traditional frames which are usually the big ones.
buy paintings

Make sure there is contrast

We insist again on the importance of colors for your decoration to have the perfect balance and harmony. If your walls are dark and you buy a painting with bright colors, there will be a charged atmosphere where no one will stand out and in vain you will have invested time and money. It is more appropriate that on a white wall is hung a picture in colorful tones that is part of all elements of the decoration, including the sofa and other furniture. It will certainly make a greater visual impression.

In the living room or the bedroom?

When buying a painting it is important to know if you are going to hang it in the living room, in the bedroom or in any other space in the house. The living room is the center of attention par excellence and the first thing your friends and family will see when they visit you. It is usually decorated with landscape or abstract paintings. It is the space where we spend most of our time so it is important that you feel comfortable with the decoration you choose and that it suits your needs. If you are interested in renovating your room here we give you more details to decorate your room that will surely be very useful.

On the other hand, if your desire is to decorate the bedroom it is convenient that they are with artistic works that invite to the rest and that give the sensation of calm and tranquility to fall asleep. Although, if you prefer you can choose a painting with bright colors, but that there is a balance between cold and warm tones, it will depend on your taste. In the post 19 tips that are essential to decorate your bedroom we share ideas for decorating this special and personal space in your home.

The most suitable space

The space on the wall where you hang the painting will make a difference. It is not the same to place a high impact painting on top of the sofa as it is in a corner where it does not stand out, nor is it visible. Take care of the distribution of the spaces, keep in mind that a very big painting must be at a prudent distance from the sofa, that is, neither too high nor too close. On the contrary, if it is a very small painting and the wall is very big, it will be lost.

If you are concerned about making holes in the wall, I tell you that one of the latest trends in decoration is to support the pictures on the floor, provided that these are integrated with all the decorative elements of our space. Besides being updated on the latest trends in decoration, you have many advantages, including not having to drill the wall, save space and can play with the decoration of pictures that are very heavy. But if you don’t dare at all, you have the option of placing one or more pictures on a piece of furniture in the living room or on the chest of drawers in your bedroom. You can also use shelves and try out different shapes until you find the one you like best.

Why decorate with paintings. Buying paintings can be something exclusive and original

If you want to leave everyone with their mouths open, we recommend buying original paintings that are not everywhere. Online art galleries have a large catalog of works by emerging artists of great projection. On these platforms you can find original paintings at very accessible prices. Believe it or not, you can get an exclusive and quality work.

These platforms mostly have a team of experts who are responsible for selecting based on objective and transparent criteria the best works, ensuring that when you buy a painting you take home a work of great quality.

It is very easy to check the originality of a work by asking for a certificate of authenticity. The certificate contains specific information about where and how the work was made, the author’s name or if applicable the company’s name, the title of the work, its size, among other characteristics. It is very likely that it will not produce the same impact, decorating with an unoriginal painting as with an exclusive work at a similar price. It is certainly worth it. It is not the same to buy a work that has everyone in their house (replicas of many websites, Ikea…) as having something exclusive in your home that sets you apart from the rest.

We assure you that if you take into account these tips for buying paintings you will make the right decision to make your home decoration shine with its own light. Remember that you can learn more about our artists and their works in the artist’s profile section.