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Start the new year with objects you need in your home

Find out how accumulative you are and renovate your home with the things you need, because the year that begins deserves to start with habits that contribute to the success of the new stage that is coming for you.

What better opportunity to transform yourself inside and out than by eliminating what you no longer use. If throughout this year you have accumulated objects that are no longer useful, why not give them a new home?

50 Things you have at home and you should throw away

Recognize that you have never ever looked in that box in which, according to you, you keep very important things. Don’t you think it’s about time you got rid of some of them? See how many things on this list collect dust in your house


You buy a really cute wrapping paper or they give you something with a beautiful wrapping and you think it is a great idea to save it for reuse. But in the end it always ends up in the same corner of the closet for years wrinkled and increasingly discolored. To the trash!


If you haven’t used those mobiles in centuries, why keep them along with your arsenal of chargers and cases? Take them to a recycling point (never throw them in the trash as it would harm the environment) and save space in your drawers.


Grab your medicine cabinet and review the expiration dates of your medications. Sure there are many that have already expired. Clean up and take them to the recycling bins in pharmacies.


That drawer that you have full of manuals that you’ve never looked at again … don’t you think it’s time to clear it? Surely you keep things from household appliances that you don’t even have at home.


Some yellowish, others without a lid and there are also those that do not close well. You don’t have to have two hundred tapers. With four that you have it will be enough. Throw out the ones in poor condition and keep the ones that really work. You will see how suddenly you have much more space in the drawers or kitchen cabinets.


2010, 2013 or there are even those who keep agendas from before the turn of the millennium. Review them, check that there is nothing important in them (if you have not needed them in the last months, surely not) and … to the paper container!


You have saved tickets to concerts, cinemas, theaters and how much event has excited you, but maybe it is time to say goodbye and make room for something new to enter. If you’re not prepared, at least do something decorative with them, like putting them all in a jar.


From time to time, take a look in your closet and do an exercise in detachment, especially with your shoes. Take three boxes, in one of them put the shoes that have no remedy and will go to the trash, in another those that are in good condition but you do not use and you can donate; finally the ones that you are going to stay. 


We know how exciting it is to read a magazine over and over again, but there comes a point when it is time to say goodbye. Stick with those collection numbers, the ones that are really useful to you, and pay another visit to the paper container.


You have a can full of pens, markers, markers, but every time you need to take notes, none of them work. Clean up and get rid of them.


They have been stored in a drawer for several years, from time to time you think about taking them to fix, although deep in your heart you know that you will not, they have become obsolete. 


It is also necessary to clean the children’s room and review your board games. If they are broken or incomplete to the appropriate garbage container and if you think they deserve a second chance, donate them. When it’s done, order the toys that you keep following these tips.


It is convenient to keep them for a while, but it is not necessary that you pass them on to your great-grandchildren. If you have patience and a scanner, the invoices you want to save are worth digitizing. And another tip: activate the option to receive digital invoices instead of paper from your suppliers. Ask, because most already have this option.


It is very likely that you also have several notebooks full of illegible notes, notes from that course you did two years ago and the drawing that your son made for you one day while you were waiting to go to the doctor. Stick with what’s really important and the rest … bye bye!


You love it when they give them to you every time you buy something, but honestly, how long has that little packet of makeup been in your drawer? Yes, they also expire, and it sure won’t save you from any trouble. To the trash!


Surely you have a drawer full of batteries that you do not know if they are new or old. So that this does not happen, make a container as cool as this and when it is full, take it to a recycling center. Remember that they are highly polluting. 


Have you tried unsuccessfully to remove that stain and have not succeeded? Face it, the time has come to let go of that garment. Take the opportunity to clean your closet and repeat the same operation as with the shoes: a box to throw away, another to donate and one more for what you are going to keep.


Check your cosmetics, especially nail polishes, and throw away any that are already dry or in poor condition. You will be surprised how many things you are saving that are no longer worth anything.


Nobody saves them anymore, they take up space and when you want to search for the information of that person or company, you usually use Google. 


You have to see the things we keep thinking about ‘what if …’, what if one day I need it? Boxes are one of them and to be honest, they take up too much space and are easy to get, so if you need one tomorrow, you can always have it.


It doesn’t matter if your mother gave it to you, your favorite aunt or your invisible friend from last Christmas. Do not keep anything that you do not like and make you happy. And we don’t just say it, but even the guru of order Marie Kondo . You will surely find someone to whom you can give it who does value it or need it.


The mystery of where the lost socks go in the washing machine remains unsolved and in the meantime, what are you going to do? Will you keep collecting solitary socks? Say goodbye to them or give them some use, there are a lot of interesting crafts.


The pair of that earring that you lost, the broken pendant that you could never fix, that ring that touched you at the tombola … all those things that only take up space in your jewelry box and that you don’t wear, are nominated to go to The trash.


If you were one of those who made the film collections that came out every Sunday with the newspaper, we are sure this is going to hurt you. You have a cabinet full of quality material, but you never see it, it is possible that you no longer have a DVD. They take up a lot of space at home and the digital age makes it possible for you to keep that, but virtually … think about it. 


Another shelf to the brim and this one with the books and notes from when you were an exemplary student. The experts of the order say that WITHOUT MERCY. Here you will find strength and inspiration to learn to shoot.


Let’s go into the kitchen, that place full of junk. Why is it so hard for us to throw away a pot and pans? If it is broken, old or scratched, say goodbye to it without any regrets, even your health will appreciate it. 


You are not sure if you keep them because they are cute or because of laziness to lower them to the recycling bin. Be that as it may, if you haven’t done something with them to this day, you won’t. 


That drawer with the discounts they gave you in the supermarket and that is valid buying something that you will never buy. The already deleted tickets of the last sales. Ah! and the points they give you at the gas station. Do you have to say which is the place that corresponds to them? 


One more proof that on many occasions, technology has come to make our lives easier. Long live Google Maps! In addition to speaking to us, he has avoided many couple arguments. 


Having a plate of one crockery and three of another, may not be the best, neither decoratively speaking, nor for practical purposes. You can donate all those crazy dishes and get a tableware to suit you.  


If you don’t know where they are from, you’ve never used them and you’ve verified that they don’t belong in your house, take all those sets of keys and say goodbye to them.


There are precious things on the net to do in your spare time and it is normal that in your most optimistic moments you have proposed to carry out that ambitious project to use your glass jars, but … you have been with the material for a year ready and you haven’t even started. Clear the physical and mental space that these things occupy every time you see them.


Another essential place to clean is your underwear drawer. Really, it’s about time you threw away those rubberless panties or ripped briefs.


Throw away once and for all that cracked plate, the cup without a handle or the glass that almost cut your lip. One of the basic principles of Feng shui is not to have anything that is broken in your house, it is old energy and it is important to keep your energy in your house clean. 


Some may have been given to you, others you bought in a moment of madness and there are those that came as a gift with the Sunday supplement. The truth is that none of those titles grabs your attention enough to give it a try, so why not take a tour of your neighborhood library and make a donation.


It is very common to have some things from the kitchen twice. Either you bought a grater you thought you didn’t have, or your mother gave you a slotted spoon without counting that she already had three. Stick with what you really need.


Pull once and for all the broken balls, the lights that don’t work and that Nativity scene half completed. Ah! and the tinsel is no longer worn.


It is important to be aware of the amount of plastic that we use as a gesture towards the environment and, in parallel, you will discover the space occupied by all those knotted bags.  


Very often it happens that when you have several sets of sheets you end up always using the same ones, you know how to wash and put. In the end they are old, full of pellets and you are not able to let them go. Say goodbye to them if you want, but say goodbye.


More of the same happens with towels, we do not realize how old they are until we stop to look at them with a critical eye. You can make rags with them, use them to dry the dog … but they can no longer remain in your sink. 


It has a melancholic vibe that hooks you, but the truth is that saving the correspondence of those friends you made during the summer of ’92 no longer makes much sense. You never reread them and they are taking up space while collecting dust.


Of all the ones you have, how many do you actually use? Between that and 99% of the time you forget it makes no sense that they keep bulging your wallet, don’t you think?


Those hangers that they give you at the dry cleaner and that all they do is deform your clothes, they don’t deserve to take up space in your closet. The garbage can is your place.


On Pinterest you can find tons of cool ideas to make with puzzle pieces. If you are a DIY lover, get to it and if not, get rid of the puzzle that is missing half of the pieces.


Let’s admit it, you have the buttons for your school uniform stored there. Unless you do collection (and in which case, we would have to talk about it), you don’t need to save all of them, you’re never going to use them. 


Clean up all those notes that you have scattered around the house and if possible, digitize them. You will see the amount of garbage that is going to come out and the amount of things you will remember.


The goal of keeping some memories of the past is to make us feel good about seeing them. If, on the contrary, you start crying every time you take a look at the trunk of memories … not to mention! Don’t waste any more energy on it.


Cupboards are sometimes a mysterious place where expired products are stored. Take a look at the bottom and check that the packet of rice that was buried under the cans has not come to life. And by the way, check out these tricks to have a perfect pantry.


Out there you have discovered a drawer full of undisclosed reels and you keep keeping them in the hope of what? It is very likely that they are veiled and that you cannot recover a single photo. 


Another of the objects that we usually accumulate even when they are no longer good for anything, are light bulbs and here it is convenient to pay special attention. The low-consumption ones are very delicate since if they break, they are quite harmful to health. Take them to a recycling center as soon as possible.

Between what you keep just in case, what makes you sad to throw away, what you don’t know what to do with it, what you don’t even remember you have and what it once was, you have objects that take up space and fill with dust , not to mention the energy they are consuming you (and if not, ask Marie Kondo). The time has come to throw them away, give them away or recycle them, but they must leave your life as soon as possible.

The Konmari Method makes it easy and clear: Stay with what makes you happy. For her, physical and mental order go hand in hand and the sum of both will bring you to balance. If you take a moment to reflect, you will realize that this makes perfect sense and that it is no coincidence that every time you open the drawer, the one that you have full of you know what, anxiety takes over. The magic of order can help you to become aware of the importance of each thing having a place, and to give value to everything we have without falling into accumulating objects lightly.

If you have identified with this list of 50 objects, arm yourself with courage and three boxes: one for what you are going to keep after asking yourself if it really brings something positive to your life, another for what you are going to donate and one more for those things that go straight to the trash. If you get the taste, you can apply this method in each of the rooms of your house, you will see what relief and how much new air enters your life.

Nothing like starting the year with well-charged batteries to face with the necessary energy and attitude, everything that awaits us. And also, why not, avoid possible health problems.

Start recharged and totally excited this wonderful year that is beginning

We have decided to help you with some simple and useful recommendations, which will help you to leave behind the fatigue and saturation that cause health problems, to start this year mentally and emotionally, like new.

Take stock

The first thing we need to do to start a new cycle well is to close the previous one well. And the best way to do it is by reviewing how it went. This will help us to think about what we did and what we stopped doing, what we learned and what we have to keep working on, to make decisions and focus on what we want and need from now on. It is also important to note what were the possible causes of these health problems that we could present to start forming good habits that help us in this area.

Practice self-compassion

If there are many things that you did not achieve or that you stopped doing, be compassionate to yourself and try not to judge yourself. Remember that it is never too late to cultivate good habits, start over and that this moment is not only necessary, it is part of the path you have to travel and represents the opportunity you were waiting for.

Set new goals

There is nothing more exciting than having new projects and tasks to work on. For this reason, once you have taken stock of the year that is ending, you will surely have many ideas of what new things you want to do or how you want to give a turn to the projects you have underway. Take advantage of this moment to let your imagination run wild and think big, while remaining realistic. You will need good habits to reach these new goals.

Get out of your comfort zone

With clear ideas, it’s time to force yourself out of comfort and dare to take risks. Sometimes it just takes a step outside the space that we know and dominate, for the landscape to change and great things to happen. Think about the payoff: starting to exercise may seem tiresome, but if that will save us from health problems, it’s all worth it.

Getting out of your comfort zone can be uncomfortable, but it is definitely necessary if you want to advance with your purposes without losing focus and enthusiasm.

Share your plans

Having the support of others will always be a very important incentive to make much more effort to fulfill what we propose and keep our good habits firm. Therefore, an excellent way to recharge your batteries is to share your plans with a person important to you, who supports you and gives you a good dose of confidence to start this New Year.


The year begins by giving thanks for everything received, for what has been learned, for what has been delivered, for what has been lived. Be sincerely grateful and open your heart to receive with a full heart.

6 tips to organize your home. 

If you are one of the people who always make excuses for not inviting people to your house, postpone parties until you order lots of things, or run to hide clothes or papers inside closets while your surprise guests go up in the elevator, you will like to know that they are not you have to live like this for another minute.

Your home may never have the look of a “magazine” house, but what you can achieve is feeling comfortable and happy when someone comes to visit you.

 1. Break the project down into smaller parts

As with any other big project, we have to be realistic and not expect to achieve our goals overnight, and much more, when it comes to ordering or organizing spaces that have been cluttering up for years. If we are not clear on this point, we will immediately feel overwhelmed by the amount of work that we can intuit a priori, and we will probably end up on the couch with the remote in hand.

The best way to deal with it is little by little, breaking it down into smaller parts, which can be, for example, from room to room.

2. Be clear about your vision and values ​​for each room

The most important thing to keep in mind is how you want that space to be, otherwise, with the amount of images of organization systems and various decorations that are currently available to us on the internet, it is very possible that you get carried away for “the star that shines the most”  , but that is not the one that suits you for your purposes in that space.

It is essential that you define your vision for each of the rooms in your home , and regardless of your decorative style, design the systems according to the values ​​and purposes of that specific room. You will be much happier in a place created by you, than in a space “cloned” of another, whose systems have been custom designed for someone else.

Next, I’m going to show you some photos of my favorite spaces. But first, be clear about your objectives, otherwise they will be like “siren songs” for you.

Start by walking around each room, and write down everything you can think of that you can delete, modify or add; Once you have it clear, use photos and others to seek inspiration only from what matches your tastes and priorities.

3. Get rid of what you have not needed for a long time

Everything that does not fit with your vision, has to “leave the house”, get rid of everything without thinking twice, you can donate it, sell it or recycle it, but do not treasure it any longer. It becomes a physical disorder that causes mental disorder, because they are things that do not fulfill any function either in your physical space or in your head, and they are simply left over.

4. Create home control systems and paper filing

Household Task Control Systems.

If you feel that you do not control 100% the tasks related to your home and your family, a good idea is to create a little order with lists: create a list for the purchase, of birthdays, of payments to be made in cash, of event control, or whatever you need to remember.

Household Document Filing System

Create a system that involves minimizing the amount of papers you accumulate at home. 

5. Change the chip and walk towards simplicity. Free yourself from the unnecessary.

You have probably noticed, although you don’t want to acknowledge it. You really want to break free from clutter but you fight your own excuses. Try to find out what is the origin of these resistances and overcome them. Remind yourself as motivation, the benefits of getting rid or not buying everything that, in reality, you do not need.

6. Design a plan and carry it out step by step.

This is the key to turning a dream into reality. Plan every detail and schedule exactly when you will do it. I have prepared a document for you to write down all the organization ideas related to the spaces in your house. 

10 New Year’s resolutions to improve your home

When a new year begins it is a healthy habit to sit and meditate on the achievements and goals that we set for the year that begins. These goals are almost always personal, like eating better or reading more … but what do you think if we apply the New Year’s resolutions to our home as well?

Today we bring you some suggestions, including some that I will also be applying:

Paint your house, or at least some room … Or a wall

It is an absolute truth that painting transforms a space, refreshes and renews it. Extra points if you decide to paint with a daring color, get out of your comfort zone or experiment with new techniques and combinations.

Take a tour of this blog, you will find a lot of inspiration!

Get organized

Let’s think that order brings peace. In addition, when we keep our things well organized it is easier to find them, so we save time and avoid stress. In this post we give you some project ideas to help you organize yourself better.

Think about comfort

Hygge is a Danish word that means comfort (both in the body and in the soul) and it is a term that has become well known in the decoration environment in recent years.

By thinking of “Hygge” we celebrate the feeling of happiness that comfort gives us and therefore we try to have it in our home. A warm blanket, some aromatic candles, a new tableware to share delicious dinners with friends and family are some things you might consider.

Everyone knows what comfort they need, and it is necessary that you have it in your home, which is your sanctuary.

Decorate for your lifestyle

Many times when decorating, we follow pre-established “rules” that do not necessarily fit our lifestyle. For example … is it necessary that you have a formal room? If you work at home it is better that you use this space as your office and you could add a small armchair, if you need it.

Remember that your home is your home, and you must live it your way.

Garnish with plants

Plants bring life to spaces. Literally.

If you remember your school science class well, many plants breathe carbon dioxide and emit oxygen, cleaning the air we breathe.

Plus, they look great and are an inexpensive accessory.

Renew some space

If there is any place in your house that takes away your serenity every time you enter it, decide to renovate it!

Schedule savings so you can finally change or repair that rickety kitchen cabinet, or remove that ugly floor that bothers you so much.

Decorate with accessories

Sometimes it is not necessary to do renovations with hammers and concrete, rather what we need is to change the accessories to renew the decoration.

For example, in the living room, you can keep the sofa and furniture, but if you change the curtains, ornaments, pictures and rugs, it will seem that you made a total change. Remember to take advantage of the wonders you achieve with a can of paint!

Check the lighting

Poor lighting, especially in work spaces, has consequences for our eyesight and our health. Check your spaces well so that you do not lack that light that you need so much.

Also, take advantage of the need for lighting to use decorative lamps that add another layer of beauty to our home.

Use your creativity

There are many things that you could do yourself that would bring a wonderful and personal detail to beautify your home.

In our blog we often have DIY ideas, look for the entries under that tag, for sure you will find many ideas.